Cidu Taxi

Welcome to Cidutaxi – Elevate Your Journey in Romania!

We are a different taxi company. Every time you need a transfer from Bucharest Otopeni or Sibiu airport, you can count on us. We offer premium domestic transport services, international transport and tourist routes anywhere in Romania.
We take you anywhere in Romania and carry out tourist routes, at your request.

Why Choose Cidutaxi for Luxury Transport?

  1. We offer modern and reliable Otopeni Airport Bucharest transfer services and Sibiu Airport transfer to any place in Romania.
  2. Our professionally certified drivers have over 15 years of experience, acquired in renowned international companies such as Ina Schaeffler, Autoliv, Dunpack and others. Due to the accumulated experience and the services offered, we are frequently recommended by our customers, which motivated us to expand our fleet and increase our team.
  3. To be picked up from the airport, you just have to tell us the date and time of arrival, and regardless of these and the weather conditions, we will get there on time. Our driver will come at the time and place indicated by you, to ensure your transport in the best conditions.